Auger Molecular Therapy
Damage the DNA of Cancer Cells by Low Dose X-ray and Nontoxic Drugs Containing Heavy Atoms
Short Treatment Course and Low Side Effect 

Light up the Life
Patented Transmission X-ray Technology
Truly Low Dose

Conformity with the US FDA Standards
Low Dose X-ray Inspection Equipment to Ensure Safety

Industry First!
AXI-Automatic X-ray Inspection System
For foreign objects detection in lyophilized injection and dry powder vials

About Transmission X-ray Technology

The only pioneer in the world which can apply the enclosed transmission X-ray technology in the areas of Non-Destructive Test and Medical Treatment.

NanoRay Biotech has brought forth a breakthrough in transmission X-ray technology which creates an innovative light-emitting method differing from the century-old reflective method. The light-emitting angle of this innovative technology exceeds 130 degrees so that it can greatly decrease the object distance, enhance the light-emitting efficiency and lower the power consumption.

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Cancer Molecular Therapy

The focused spectrum can activate the target drugs containing heavy atoms to cause Auger effect and treat the metastasized cancers.

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Medical Imaging

M-series products are the core components designed for two major applications: Baby Fluoroscope and Cone Beam Computed Tomography (Dental CT).

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Non-Destructive Test

N-series products include the key components of X-ray source module and the customized inspection systems.

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